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DREAM GIRLS Story "Sovanlika" in Khmer with English subtitle

DREAM GIRLS Story "Sovanlika" in Khmer with English subtitle

What's Happening


Takakazu Yamada

Takakazu Yamada

Founder of YAMADA school of art

I participate with DREAM GIRLS Design Contest to cooperate for discovering a talented person as a judge every year.

One of my mission in my life is to develop human resources and world-class artists.

Some artists have already became famous artists from this contest. Moreover I accept scholarship students in my school, Yamada School of Art.

It is big news.

I will support DREAM GIRLS Design Contest from now on too. 

Nhem Sopheap

Nhem Sopheap

Winner of DREAM GIRLS Design Contest 

I am the 1st award winner of 2013 DREAM GIRLS Design Contest. This program gave me a lot of good experience. Now I have become an artist. I hope many girls join this contest to show their talent and I hope future DREAM GIRLS' dream become true.

Julius Thiemann

Julius Thiemann

Former Business Development Director of Phnom Penh Post

The idea of DREAM GIRLS Project has always convinced me. The project fosters and develops design skills of artistically talented young Cambodian women and makes a commercial use of their art possible. Cambodian designs from the DREAM GIRLS Project and products sourced in Cambodia form a natural unity and create products that are truly original and special.


2,991 Artworks have been submitted for DREAM GIRLS Design Contest.


1,584 Candidates applied for DREAM GIRLS Design Contest.


We provide opportunities to study art or design for 35 people.

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