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Our mission is to accelerate the level of a women’s position through Design.


  1. To create the platform of Dreams between women in Cambodia and real business through Design.

  2. By producing role models of women who are economically independent through creative business.


As a result, it becomes empowerment to women, and that power will be transmitted from women to children and families to become a happier society. That is our wish.

How We Do

We would like to create a circulation model that women have the necessary elements to become independent while at the same time fulfilling their dreams.

  • DREAM GIRLS Design Contest
    This is a place to meet exciting new opportunities.

  • Education (DREAM GIRLS Scholarship)
    We are affiliated with a school to advance to specialized fields of art and business. We also have a curriculum for branding and management for those who want to be independent.

  • Business
    We will support women and designers who want to start their own business. And we are bridging with companies that adopt the designs from the DREAM GIRLS Project.


  • Finance
    We will act as a bridge for financing necessary for them to start a business.




This shop, AMAZING CAMBODIA, was born from this project. This shop handles more than 1,300 items of over 30 Cambodian manufacturing craft companies. The concept is "Proud of Cambodia, Cambodia to the world!" And it became a shop to support their product packages and brands through DREAM GIRLS design.

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